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My Mission


To do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving a piece of yourself into what you are doing. The essence of yourself you put into your work.

It is a blessing and gift to find my passion, joy, reward, and love in what I do and how I spend my time.

Through my work and experience base I can put my heart and soul into all that I do and help others discover who they are.

About Me

Clients who made positive changes in their life

  • Mary-Allison was an excellent resource for me when I was struggling to find the right way to communicate with my boss. She really took the time to listen to all my concerns and helped guide me through different ways to express my feelings in a professional manner.

    Mary-Allison's life coaching methodology allowed me to work through my emotions without letting them get the best of me. When the time came to speak with my boss, I felt completely prepared to have the tough conversation and ultimately it worked out in my favor.

    I would highly recommend Mary-Allison's services to anyone who feels stuck in their life and needs that extra bit of guidance and motivation to take them to the next level.

    M.S. Manager, Customer Project Management
  • Mary-Allison Mays is a wonderful Holistic Life Coach! She has a true knack for creating a warm and welcoming environment for her clients. Sessions with her are like talking to a lifelong friend.

    Mary Allison not only listens but really hears what you have to say and can also read between your words. She was able to narrow down my key issues and help me develop a plan of action.

    If you have specific life issues that you’d like to discuss in a non-judgmental environment or want to talk about your life path, Mary Allison has the tools, professionalism, and life experience to guide you.

    P.W. Registered Nurse

Inner work your way

5 clear signs it’s time to hire a holistic life coach.

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